My Winnipeg: There's No Place Like Home

September 8, 2012 to October 7, 2012

The opening chapter of this four-part series writes a multi-media narrative of Winnipeg’s myths, histories, and collective practices. The exhibition includes curator Sigrid Dahle’s There’s No Place Like Home, which explores the processes by which ‘place’ transforms into ‘home’ – a feat that requires material, intellectual, psychological, imaginative, social, and political interventions of the most complex and challenging kind. This poetically charged, troubled social environment is evoked in a library reading room that is also a cabaret nightclub. Viewers are invited to linger and peruse ephemera that remembers Winnipeg’s haunted past and thumb through texts that narrate the city’s conflicted present. By night, they can gather around tables, when Conférencier Grant Guy presents Club Plug In, a collage of current live art that builds on Winnipeg’s storied history of vaudeville/variety theater, the cabaret, and the nightclub.

This chapter also includes work by the Professional Native Indian Artists’ Inc. curated by Cathy Mattes. The work of these seven artists—Daphne Odjig, Jackson Beardy, Norval Morrisseau, Carl Ray, Joseph Sanchez, Eddy Cobiness, and Alex Janvier—exemplifies the pioneering and collaborative spirit engendered by this city.

Other artists include: Daniel Barrow, H. Eric Bergman, Betty and Grampy, Michael Dumontier, Marcel Dzama, Alexandra Elliott, Ivan Eyre, Neil Farber, Rosalie Favell, Lionel Lemoine FitzGerald, Lewis Benjamin Foote, The Fu Fu Chi Chi Choir, Liz Garlicki, Brenna George, Ken Gregory, Samantha Halas, Andrew Harwood, Gilles Hébert, Thomas Glendenning Hamilton, Catherine Hunter, Alex Janvier, Wanda Koop, Ernie Kovacs, Rob Kovitz, Doug Melnyk, Lyndsay Ladobruk/jaymez, Bernie Miller, Kent Monkman, Robert Nelson, Darryl Nepinak, Hope Peterson, Freya Olafson, Natasha O’Rielly, Deb Patterson, Alex Poruchnyck and Vern Hume, Don Proch, Jon Pylypchuck, Jeanne Randolph, Carl Ray, Royal Art Lodge, Julia Ryckman, Chris Sabel, Colleen Simard, Amy Simoes, Lionel McDonald Stephenson, Andrea Von Wichert, Andrew Wall, Esther Warkov, Adrian Williams, and Collin Zipp among others.  

Chapter Sponsor: Michael F.B. Nesbitt
Exhibit Sponsor: Cambrian Credit Union

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