Interpreting [Interrupting] Youth

Interpreting [Interrupting] Youth

Beginning on Saturday, April 08, 2017, Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art will offer the second edition of “Interpreting [Interrupting] Youth.” The central premise of this program is to create a platform for youth to be introduced and exposed to contemporary art, artists, curators and art educators while developing skills related to art education, communications, journalism and videography. A second function of the program is to introduce the contemporary art milieu to the perspectives and interpretive modes of Youth. For this session the youth will be present at all stages of the exhibition from installation to opening, with opportunities to meet and interview the artists and staff. 

Designed for youth ages 16 to 24. The program reverses a pre-existing interpretive model used within arts institutions who often produce short videos as educational devices. These videos often include interviews with artists or curators, images of artworks and installation shots; they often reference artists’ biographies, previous artworks, and at times, glimpse into artists’ studios. These videos are usually presented online or within the gallery or museum in close proximity to the artworks, and tend to place an emphasis on the artist’s and institution’s intention over the experience of the viewer. 

The “Interpreting [Interrupting] Youth” program inversely begins with the youth’s experience of the artwork, challenging conventional models of art interpretation by overturning basic roles of authority and authorship. In partnership with Just TV, groups of 4-6 youth work in collaboration to produce a short video that will speak about their experience and interpretations of the artwork presented at Plug In ICA. 

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Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art would like to thank Payworks, Wawanesa Mutual Insurance and RBC Foundation for the support of these Learning programs.