Van Rental

Plug In ICA has a 2010 Mercedes Sprinter high-back van suitable for moving art works. While the van is essential for programming at the Institute of Contemporary Art, it is used intermittently during the programming season.  During the times that the van is not in use, Plug In will make the van available for use to our community partners for arts-related programming use.

Van rental costs:
Winnipeg: 50$/ day
Inside Manitoba: 85$/ day
Outside Manitoba: 150$/ day

Plug In will require a photocopy of the Driver’s License of the person who will be operating the van.  Although the vehicle carries All Purpose insurance, the Driver will be responsible for any traffic violations incurred, or any damage incurred while using the vehicle.  For example, any applicable insurance deductable to repair damage incurred is the responsibility of the insured driver.

Additionally, Plug In counts on the borrowing partner to return the van and the key to the van in a timely fashion following usage, with the fuel topped up.

In order to book the Plug In van please call Angela at 204 942-1043 or email