Installation view of Fred Sandback | A Sampling of Works at Plug In ICA, 2017. Photo: Karen Asher.

Exhibition Tour
by Amavong Panya

January 21, 2017 – 3pm to 4:30pm

On Saturday January 21, 3pm, join us for a walk through of the Fred Sandback exhibition, A Sampling of Works with Chief Installer and artist Amavong Panya. Panya’s intimate knowledge of Sandback’s sculptures will offer valuable insight into the work of this important American artist.

“It is my belief Fred’s work is a deliberate and experiential conversation of space and sometimes the unnoticed architectural and functional details of a room and its physical constructs such as a wall, floor, ceiling or combination of those elements. The idea of sculpture and the viewer’s movement to “see” a sculpture alllows another depth to the ultimate conversation of Fred Sandback’s catalog of work.”

Amavong Panya is an artist and co-owner of NFA SPACE Contemporary Art + Exhibit Services, Inc. based in Chicago, IL USA. Among its many clients, The Fred Sandback Estate has cooperated with Amavong Panya as the Chief Installer and Installation Expert of Fred Sandback’s work for over a decade. The continued interest, dialogue and admiration of Fred’s work has brought forth various installation projects and exhibitions around the globe such as the Kuntsmuseum in Vaduz, LI; Instituto Moreira Salles in Sao Paulo and Rio De Janeiro BR; Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver, CO USA; Gallery New South Wales in Sydney, AU and more recently the Glenstone Museum in Potomac, MD USA.