Summer Institute 2015 at Plug In ICA.

Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art exists to change our world through art. We use contemporary art to create discussion between communities, educate and open our minds. Plug In ICA is a unique gem to Winnipeg and Manitoba. There isn’t another institution in the city or country dedicated to creating a truly accessible arts centre. No matter what your age or background, Plug In welcomes you to join the dialogue about the world in which we live.

Plug In ICA is free to all. We do this so that you, your family, friends and community can have equal access to our programs from exhibitions to high profile artist talks and film screenings. Plug In ICA is Canada’s first institute of contemporary art, standing alongside world-class institutes in London, Berlin, and Boston. Plug In ICA is an incubator, collaborator, conduit, and champion for art and artists, and just as importantly, for community.

Plug In ICA:
– provides local artists with professional experiences to exhibit their work and reach a wide audiences.
– creates opportunities for artists to learn from each other.
– presents free events for and about community
– animates our city
– brings world-renowned artists to local audiences to provide an exchange of ideas on a global level.

In existence since 1972, in 2010, Plug In ICA moved to 460 Portage Avenue, at the University of Winnipeg Buhler Centre with Governor General Michaëlle Jean at the opening ceremony. The move ensured Plug In would be central to civic discussions, to the University and to our downtown. Plug In is a powerfully inclusive centre for the creation, exhibition, and discussion of contemporary art. Plug In ICA’s partnership with the University and proximity to the Winnipeg Art Gallery has had a significant impact on Winnipeg’s cultural vibrancy.

By making a donation to Plug In ICA, you invest in Winnipeg’s future. Your support ensures more people can join an important discussion so that we can open our minds to new ways of thinking and interacting the world. Your support engages international audiences so that Winnipeg has a global voice. Your support fosters new contemporary art locally so that artist can energize the city. There are a number of ways you can support the activities of PIICA, all under the following umbrellas of: JoinDonateVolunteerRecognition.

Please help Plug In nurture what is already here. Together we can create excitement, change the way children learn, bring visitors and make history. To keep pace with the growing needs of the community Plug In ICA needs to grow, developing programs that challenge artists and build audiences. New Plug In ICA programs will reach beyond the gallery, bringing art directly to the community, on the streets where you live, work and play. New commissions designed for our parks and corners will build a legacy to be experienced now and for generations to come. Plug In youth programs are unique and need to be expanded to serve our kids. Adding new programs to respond directly to the needs of Winnipeg youth means building critical minds and bright futures. Plug In will also expand existing programs such as our Summer Institute, which is an exceptional mentorship program that invites artists from across Canada and the world to work together, forming a critical conversation about art and its role in society. With contemporary art placed at our core, Plug In is a pivotal point where people gather to share their ideas and unique experiences of the world.

It is a site of constant activity where people are encouraged to ask questions and articulate their perspectives. In 2015, Plug In presented 14 exhibitions including over 80 artworks, commissioned 3 new artworks, hosted 25 talks and workshops, collaborated with 11 art and educational centres and provided local high-schools with over 18 guided tours and workshops. Every day, Plug In fosters a critical conversation about the times in which we live. And from that conversation springs the surprising, the new, the unexpected. From that conversation springs tomorrow.