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Art Research Centre

Plug In ICA’s Art Research Centre has an incredible range of current magazines, arts books and critical texts, written by leading experts that illuminate the world of contemporary art.  The Library and Research Centre hours are during gallery hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 12-6pm; Thursday 12-8pm; Saturday and Sunday 12-5pm or by ringing the doorbell weekdays from 10am-5pm during periods of installation.

Plug In ICA members have library sign-out privileges.

Our searchable online catalogue can be viewed here. Please contact us at or 204-942-1043 to make sure your desired publications are available as this catalogue is not synched with checked out material.

We have recently begun cataloguing books thematically, in accordance with activities at the gallery. Please see the attached files for themeatic lists of publications culled for recent exhibitions; including a list of titles culled by Summer Institute faculty and participants for the Wood Land School: Thunderbird Woman 2016, titles associated with the group show Superimposition: Sculpture and Image, and titles relating to Stages: Drawing the Curtain.

File Downloads:

Wood Land School Books
Chris Kraus Research Library
Cruz and Fenwick Research Library
Superimposition Research Library
Wendy Book Club Research Library
Entering the Landscape Research Library
Stages 2017 Research Library
Skeena Reece Research Library
DIS Thumbs that Type and Swipe Research Library
BUSH Gallery Research Library
Jean-Paul Kelly Research Library
Black History Month 2019 research library
Asher and Trecartin Research Library
Trackings and Trappings Research Library
Stages 2019 Research Library
Indigenous Architectures Research Library
Stan Douglas Luanda-Kinshasa 2019 Research Library