Joar Nango


Joar Nango is an architect, builder, artist and self-publisher. Nango’s work often parses out the division between design, architecture, and visual art and uses improvisation as method and process. A long proponent of printed matter and its political potential to mobilize larger social transformations, Nango along with collaborators, have fulfilled publication projects including The Indigenuity Project, The Normadic Library and the self-published zine series Sámi Huksendáidda: the Fanzine. Nango has been part of a number exhibition projects throughout Canada and elsewhere. Among which includes, SAW Gallery in Ottawa, Vancouver’s Western Front, Gallery Deluxe in Halifax, and The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design in Oslo, Norway, Sydhavn Station in Copenhagen, Denmark, Bildmuseet in Umeå Sweden and Tensta Konsthall in Stockholm. He recently presented European Everything at Documenta14 in Athens and Kassel in 2017.