Video: A Full Head of STEAMM featuring Mrs. Trixie Cane LIVE! | A Respondent Talk by T.L. Cowan

Plug In ICA, in partnership with The Institute for Women’s and Gender Studies, University of Winnipeg was pleased to present “A Full Head of STEAMM- Feminist Interventions in Science Technology Engineering Arts Math and Media – Featuring Mrs. Trixie Cane LIVE!” Trixie is the alter ego of artist and academic T.L. Cowan, who has been invited by Plug In ICA and IWGS to respond to the exhibition Mother of This Domain by Aleksandra Domanović.

T.L. Cowan’s research-creation works focus on feminist and queer sensibilities and politics, especially in the contexts of media and performance. Her practice includes persona-based performances, in which she inhabits different characters and identifies. Cowan is also Chair of Experimental Pedagogies in the School of Media Studies at The New School University.

Cowan is a writer, performer, video-maker, curator and professor based in Brooklyn, NY. Her ongoing performance and video cycles include The Twisted She Project – an inter-medial collaborative collage about perversion, popularity and pathology; the GLITTERfesto: An Open Call For A Revolutionary Movement Of Activist Performance Based On The Premise That Social Justice is Fabulous; and Forgiving Medjugorje – a meditation on sex, religion, reconciliation and money. Her 2013 video and performance I Disown You Right Back, starring her alter ego, Mrs. Trixie Cane, has thrilled audiences internationally. Since getting her start in Vancouver’s raging spoken word scene in the 1990s, T.L.’s work has been featured at MIX NYC, the Opentoe Peepshow, Belladonna*, Sister Spit’s Spoken Word Circus, Montreal’s Edgy Women Festival, Edmonton’s Visualeyez Festival of Performance & Time-Based Art, Loud & Queer, Next Fest, Performance Studies International, Toronto’s Festival of Original Theatre, and the Glastonbury Festival of Music & Contemporary Art.

Plug In ICA thankfully acknowledges the Institute for Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Winnipeg for this co-presentation.