aiPotu: Bermuda Triangle/Call of the Wild

March 28, 2009 to April 25, 2009

Bermuda Triangle is a series of three exhibitions set in three different locations: Winnipeg (Canada), Paris (France), and Bergen (Norway). The exhibitions are manifestations of past and present journeys into real, lost and/or forgotten territory. Each work investigates the theme of the void through the use of fictional material, and the objects on display are particular to the place where they are exhibited.

Call of the wild is the third and final show of the Bermuda Triangle series. The exhibition confronts us with an ancient object in constant flux with the present. An object suspending the laws of evolution. Like the emergency hammer of a freight train in motion, we are confronted with something we are reluctant to use. The hesitation lies in fear of what the peril might imply. Is a return accessible, desirable or even possible?

aiPotu (Anders Kjellesvik (N) & Andreas Siqueland (N)) is a collaboration based on travel related projects. Their work relate to place through use of local knowledge, materials or structures. aiPotu have recently shown at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris and participated in the 2008 Biennale of Sydney.

Bermuda Triangle/Call of the Wild is the latest iteration of Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art’s diminutive Overlooked exhibition space-a cabinet in the foyer of 286 McDermot Avenue, guest curated by Paul Butler.