Curatorial tour of Entering the Landscape at Plug In ICA.

Curatorial Tours – Entering the Landscape

October 21, 2017 to December 9, 2017

Guided tours | tournée guidée en français 

Curatorial Tour with Sarah Nesbitt | Saturday, October 21, 3pm
Tournée guidée en française avec Janelle Tougas |  Le samedi 28 Octobre, 15h
Joint Curatorial Tour of Insurgence/Resurgence and Entering the Landscape followed by discussion with curators Julie Nagam, Jaimie Isaac,  Jenifer Papararo, and Sarah Nesbitt | Tuesday, November 19 4:15-5pm, tour at the Winnipeg Art Gallery and 5:15-6pm tour at Plug In ICA, 6pm discussion at Plug In ICA.
Curatorial Tour with Jenifer Papararo | Saturday, December 09, 3pm

Entering the Landscape
Pia Arke (1958-2007 Greenland and Denmark) • Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory (Iqaluit) • Jaime Black (Winnipeg) • Lori Blondeau (Saskatoon) • A.K. Burns (New York) • The Ephemerals (Winnipeg) • Melissa General (Toronto) • Rebecca Horn (Berlin) • Katherine Hubbard (New York, USA) • Maria Hupfield (New York) • Simone Jones (Toronto) •  Tau Lewis (Toronto) • Amy Malbeuf (Rich Lake Alberta) • Meryl McMaster (Ottawa) •  Ana Mendieta (Cuba) • Natalie Purschwitz (Vancouver) • Dominique Rey (Winnipeg), • Jamie Ross (Montreal) • Xaviera Simmons (New York) • Ming Wong (Berlin) • Alize Zorlutuna (Toronto)

Entering the Landscape
October 1 to December 31, 2017
Respondent Series talk with Lori Blondeau | Thursday, November 16, 7pm
Premier of After Birth, 2017 by The Ephemerals, discussion moderated by Jenifer Papararo | Thursday, November 23, 7pm  

Entering the Landscape, a contemplative group exhibition featuring twenty-one artists from Canada, the USA, Denmark, and Berlin. Working in film and video, photography, sculpture, and performance these artists represent a breadth of politicized contemporary and iconic historical works that place the female or queer body in the landscape. Bringing together artworks that conceptually and aesthetically overlap, this exhibition identifies and considers a persistent motif in contemporary art.

– Curated by Jenifer Papararo and Sarah Nesbitt