Sappho Zine Collective.

Cut & Paste With Sappho Collective: A Zine Workshop

March 14, 2015 to March 15, 2015

Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art presents a two-day zine workshop with Winnipeg-based Sappho Zine Collective in conjunction with our current exhibition Yesterday was Once Tomorrow (or, A Brick is a Tool). 

Saturday, March 14th: The zine-workshop will focus on self-expression through textual-connection via the art of collage.

Sunday, March 15th: Attendees can build on work created at Saturday’s workshop or new participants can join. Workshop participants will be able to take their collages, drawings and writing to the next level.  Zine-making basics like formatting, photocopying and collating will be covered as participants work toward creating individual and collaborative zines.

Plug In ICA will provide basic collage material including scissors, magazines, glue, and paper but feel free to bring any extra materials you may want for your collage.  Both workshops will have copies of the artist-created magazines: “Boo” (Vancouver), “Flower” (Toronto), “CUBE” (Montreal), “Texts” (Calgary) and “The Harold” (Winnipeg), available for your zine-making pleasure. Refreshments will be served in the gallery.

Come participate in a weekend of zine fun while learning about do-it-yourself culture in Canada. The workshops are absolutely FREE and all are welcome to join in on either Saturday or Sunday.

Named after the first published female, Sappho Zine is a non-profit collective based in Winnipeg. Made up of Morag Morison, Stephanie Poruchnyk-Butler, Kate Niebhur, Katherine Walker-Jones, Mariana Munoz Gomez, Stepheny Hunter, Gislina Patterson, Kate Sherrin, and Emma Mayer, the Sappho Zine Collective strives to inspire and empower the individual through the collaborative art of zine making, with the intent to build a strong community through creativity, expression, and independent literature.

For general information please contact:

For media inquiries please contact: Janique Vigier at or by telephone at (204) 942-104 ext 27.