Interpreting Youth Session 8 during discussion
Interpreting Youth Session 8 (2019).

Interpreting [Interrupting] Youth

Video Screening and Discussion | Interpreting Luanda-Kinshasa by Stan Douglas

Wednesday, December 18th, 2019 | 5:30 PM
Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art | 1, 460 Portage Ave | Winnipeg MB | Canada

Plug In ICA was pleased to present a screening and discussion by the participants of the 8th edition of our Interpreting [Interrupting] Youth (IIY) program. On Wednesday, December 18th at 5:30pm, IIY participants screened a video they produced as a response to our exhibition, Luanda-Kinshasa by Stan Douglas. They also discussed and reflected on  their collective and individual experience of the exhibition.

This event marked the culmination of an intensive four weeks of meetings with eight full sessions, where participants gathered and thought together about artmaking and curation, and about video as an interpretive mode of expression.

Participants had the opportunity to work closely with our program facilitator, Luther Konadu, who moderated the screening and panel discussion.

A reception was be held in celebration of this edition of IIY.

This video is available in our online video archive.

Interpreting [Interrupting] Youth is designed for youth ages 16 to 24. The program reverses a pre-existing interpretive model used within arts institutions that often produce short videos as educational devices. These often include interviews with artists or curators, and tend to place an emphasis on the artist’s and institution’s intention over the experience of the viewer.

The Interpreting [Interrupting] Youth program inversely begins with the youth’s experience of the artwork, challenging conventional models of art interpretation by overturning basic roles of authority and authorship.

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