Ilana Harris-Babou, video still from Reparation Hardware

Visiting Speaker Series | Artist Talk by Ilana Harris-Babou

Tuesday, June 26, 6pm

“We shape our identities through the items we choose to keep around us. We rewrite history on our hardwood tables. Home decor corrals time. We can conjure a perfect past and fold it into an aspirational future. What makes the idea of reparations so terrifying? The notion is like a can of worms resting on the granite countertop. The promise of Reparations acknowledges failure. It’s an admission of guilt; that something needs to be fixed. When a nation’s foundations are crumbling, everything placed atop them is precarious. The restoration of old furniture takes something stale and makes it sleek. The reparation of lost wealth takes the smooth, seamless inevitability of the American Dream and makes it rusty.”  – Ilana Harris-Babou

Joining us from New York, Ilana Harris-Babou will give the first presentation of her work in Canada as part of the Visiting Speaker series for Thumbs That Type and Swipe: The DIS Edutainment Network (Session I of Plug In ICA’s 2018 Summer Institute).*  Everyone welcome!

Ilana Harris-Babou has exhibited extensively across the United States, participating in group exhibitions at Sculpture Center, New York; The Jewish Museum, New York; FJORD, Philadelphia; and Artspace, New Haven. Most notably, she has held solo exhibitions at The Museum of Arts & Design, New York (2017), and Vox Populi Gallery, Philadelphia (2014). Her work has been featured in The New Yorker and Artforum in 2018, and she gaining critical acclaim for her serial project Reparation Hardware.

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* For Session I of our 2018 Summer Institute Program we are extremely pleased to have DIS collective member, Marco Roso as our lead faculty (June 25-July 7, 2018).  Framed by our summer exhibition of the same name, DIS’s seminar Thumbs That Type and Swipe: The DIS Edutainment Network circles around a series of exhibitions organized by DIS and framed by, a new streaming edutainment platform. Through direct engagement with the artists of, the session will contemplate a series of linked concerns, including: the nature of belonging in a rootless-seeming, networked world; the changing relationship to the ways one owns, lends or gives time through occupations, bodies, or other forms of value-creation. Some of the topics DIS will cover: Money: what is it?; information consumption; the future of citizenship; reparations; love and humor.

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