Interpreting [Interrupting] Youth | Art Program Engaging Youth in Winnipeg

“The screening offers a visual reflection of the youth’s collective and individual experience of Days of Reading: beyond this state of affairs, and marks the culmination of an intensive four week session, working and thinking together about the exhibition, and about video as an interpretive mode,” shared Executive Director, Jenifer Papararo.

The youth screening and panel discussion began at 5:30 pm, preceded by a short reception with refreshments; providing the youth with the authentic experience similar to that of an exhibition opening. Assistant Curator, Konadu, alongside, dedicated Interpreting Youth mentor, Victor Ilunga, moderated the panel discussion with participants.

“I didn’t know a lot about contemporary art…and I never really got it before. This experience was a whole new awakening for me and I really learned how to understand things differently and really interpret things in a way I usually wouldn’t,” shared 16 year-old Bergstrom.

“I think contemporary art is something special for everyone,” she elaborated.

“My experience here has been really nice. We’re [the four participants] all here and we’re all connected in a different way. It’s been a bonding experience. I’ve looked forward to coming here each week…I don’t get tired of being here…which is nice,” she laughed.

The Interpreting [Interrupting] Youth program is designed for youth ages 16 to 24. The program reverses a pre-existing interpretive model used within arts institutions that often produce short videos as educational devices. The Interpreting [Interrupting] Youth program inversely begins with the youth’s experience of the artwork, challenging conventional models of art interpretation by overturning basic roles of authority and authorship.

As part of the evening’s festivities, participants engaged in a live panel discussion with the audience followed by a ceremony where they received their certificates of completion.

Upon completion and reflection of the program, Bergstrom shared, “I feel like I could just walk in here and have this [Plug In ICA] be a second home for me.”

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Photo: Interpreting [Interrupting] Youth Participants holding their IIY certificates during the Video Screening & Panel Discussion Wednesday night (left to right: Mark Ginther, Jordan Santiago, Tuva Bergstrom, Dylan VanDamme)