Pablo Bronstein


Peony Unfurling at Various Speeds in Shopping Mall

A series of dance performances co-choreographed by Rosalie Wahlfrid

*This project took place as part of STAGES 2017 and is no longer on display

Performers: Carol-Ann Bohrn, Rachelle Bourget, Hilary Crist, Jillian Groening, Ming Hon, Johanna Riley, Camila Schujman, Rosalie Wahlfrid
Location: Fort Garry Place, 20 Fort Street, main entrance on Assiniboine Avenue, wheelchair access at 55 Garry Street entrance
Performance Schedule:
Sunday, August 20, 2pm
Tuesday, August 22, 7pm
Thursday, August 24, 7pm

Pablo Bronstein’s work is often a clash of references, colliding styles and aesthetics that synthesize the stark symmetry of Neo-classicism with the excessive opulence of the Baroque. He is renowned for his use of dance to articulate architectural structures. For STAGES, he has choreographed a series of performances developed from a delineated amalgamation of hand gestures and body movements from a Mannerist painting tradition, along with Eastern and Western dance history and court etiquette for the odd arcade-like central hall of Fort Garry Place. The lower two floors of the massive apartment block is an open vault like mall, with a balcony over looking the lower level. It is occupied by a few small businesses and some civic departmental offices, but has an emptiness that is compounded by its scale. Beyond an irregular flow of the building’s tenants or city employees walking through the lower levels there is a vast emptiness that Bronstein utilizes as he sets 8 dancers in motion.  As they move they articulate space; their gestures and poses come to reflect the building’s bold conflation of architectural styles and reference the ceaseless layering of adornment – as if the dancer’s movements peel it away.

Bronstein is an artist born in Argentina and based in London who creates performances, structures and drawings based on re-imaginings of seventeenth to nineteenth century architecture. Bronstein’s choreographic pastiches reference a wide range of styles and aesthetics. He attended the University of the Arts London, the Slade School of Fine Art at UCL and graduated from Goldsmiths College of Arts with a postgraduate diploma in the visual arts and a Master of Arts. His work has been shown widely. Solo exhibitions includeGarden A La Mode at Tate Britain, Pablo Bronstein at the Met at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, and Other People’s Projects at White Column, New York. Significant group shows include Move at the Hayward Gallery, Manifesta 8, Mucia, PERFORMA 07, New York, and the Tate Triennial. Bronstein’s solo shows for 2017 include presentations at RIBA, London and Jupiter Artland, Edinburgh, UK. In 2018, he will have a solo show at the Fondazione Sviluppo e Crescita CRT, Torino and in 2020 he will have a solo exhibition at Sir John Soane’s Museum, London.

Dans l’oeuvre de Pablo Bronstein, les références s’entrechoquent souvent, les styles et les esthétiques en collision associent la forte symétrie du Néo-classicisme avec l’opulence excessive du Baroque. Il est réputé pour son utilisation de la danse dans ses structures architecturales articulées. L’année dernière, il a présenté un installation dans le hall principal de la Tate Britain qui utilisait des danseurs qui réalisaient des mouvement soi-disants baroques afin de définir des formes géométriques et mettre l’accent sur ses interventions architecturales. Cet été, pendant toute la durée de Stages, il va chorégraphier une danse qui sera exécutée régulièrement dans le centre commercial Fort Garry Place.

Bronstein est un artiste né en Argentine et basé à Londres qui crée des performances, des structures et des peintures basées sur son re-interprétation de l’architecture du 17ème au 19ème siècle. Les pastiches chorégraphiques de Bronstein font référence à de nombreux styles et esthétiques. Il a étudié à l’University of the Arts London, la Slade School of Fine Art de l’UCL et est diplômé du Goldsmiths College of Arts dont il a reçu un diplôme de 3ème cycle en arts visuels et une Maîtrise ès Arts. Son travail est largement diffusé. Ses expositions solo incluent le Garden A La Mode à la Tate Britain, Pablo Bronstein at the Metau Metropolitan Museum of Art de New York, et Other People’s Projects à la White Column, New York.

Les principales performances collectives incluent Move à la Hayward Gallery, Manifesta 8, Mucia, PERFORMA 07, New York, et au Tate Triennial. Les performances solo pour 2016 incluent des présentations au RIBA, Londres et à Jupiter Artland, Edimbourg, Royaume-Uni. En 2018, il donnera un performance solo à la Fondazione Sviluppo e Crescita CRT, Turin et en 2020 au Sir John Soane’s Museum, Londres.

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Entering the Landscape

September 30, 2017 to December 31, 2017

Entering the Landscape is a contemplative group exhibition featuring twenty-one artists from Canada, the USA, Denmark, and Berlin. Working in film and video, photography, sculpture, and performance these artists represent a breadth of politicized contemporary and iconic historical works that place the female or queer body in the landscape. Bringing together artworks that conceptually and aesthetically overlap, this exhibition identifies and considers a persistent motif in contemporary art. (full text and list of works below)

– Curated by Jenifer Papararo and Sarah Nesbitt


Pia Arke (1958-2007 Greenland and Denmark) • Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory (Iqaluit) • Jaime Black (Winnipeg) • Lori Blondeau (Saskatoon) • A.K. Burns (New York) • The Ephemerals (Winnipeg) • Melissa General (Toronto) • Rebecca Horn (Berlin) • Katherine Hubbard (New York, USA) • Maria Hupfield (New York) • Simone Jones (Toronto) •  Tau Lewis (Toronto) • Amy Malbeuf (Rich Lake Alberta) • Meryl McMaster (Ottawa) •  Ana Mendieta (Cuba) • Natalie Purschwitz (Vancouver) • Dominique Rey (Winnipeg), • Jamie Ross (Montreal) • Xaviera Simmons (New York) • Ming Wong (Berlin) • Alize Zorlutuna (Toronto)