Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art is pleased to present:

Summer Institute 2022: Water Knowledge

led by faculty KC Adams

August 8 – 19, 2022

Established in 2009, The Summer Institute is a free, international artist research program for professional artists and cultural workers in all disciplines and media. Each year, we invite artists that are critically leading conversations in their field to lead a two week Summer Institute. Each iteration of the Summer Institute invites participants to expand upon their own interests and projects and includes opportunities to work in a collaborative peer-to-peer environment through group activities, guest lectures, and workshops.

This years iteration of The Summer Institute, Water Knowledge, will be led by social practice artist KC Adams. In Anishinaabe teachings, women are water carriers and are taught Gage’gajiwaan; water flows forever and everywhere and all around. This session is about passing on water knowledge bundles to better understand our relationship with water. During the first week, Adams will lead the participants onto the land so they can receive knowledge bundles on how to build Indigenous clay vessels and learn about water through elders, texts, walks, and land-based learning. Throughout the second week, participants will be encouraged to produce individual work based on the knowledge bundles they received.

The session is open to visual artists, writers, critics, curators, and scholars who identify as women and non-binary. It will run from August 8th to August 19th, 2022.