Wendy's Revenge
Walter Scott, Wendy's Revenge, cover.

Summer Institute II: Wendy Book Club with Walter Scott & Niki Little | Public Events

July 17 to August 4, 2017

For the July 2017 session of Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art’s Summer Institute, Walter Scott and Niki Little co-facilitate the Wendy Book Club from July 14 to August 4, 2017. Taking Wendy (2014) and Wendy’s Revenge (2016) as their point of departure, they will use these texts to investigate satire as a strategy for self-reflection and cultural critique, marginalized narratives, and the subjectivities of artist, queer, non-artist, Indigenous, etc. Perceptions of the public and private world of the artist and representations of the art world will be discussed and “dispelled” through Wendy’s perspective.

While moving conceptually through the books, participants will also engage in a constellation of activities reflective of the concerns of their fictional characters. This may take the form of yoga, meditation exercises, and the exploration of esoteric practices such as tarot reading. Throughout the three weeks, “The Wendy Book Club” will take up the specific formal elements that comprise the graphic novel, expanding knowledge about comics and comic making. Scott and Little will additionally invite guest artists, and speakers with specific Indigenous-related knowledge, while also allowing ample studio time to reflect on the understandings generated as a group.

Public events:

Friday, July 21 | 7pm
Wendy’s Revenge Performance by Walter Scott

Tuesday, July 25 | 7pm
Coming of Age as  a “Fake Nerd” Artist talk with Maya Ben David

Monday, July 31 | 10am
Curatorial talk with Becca Taylor

Wednesday, August 2 | 7pm
Artist talk with Tau Lewis

Thursday, August 3 |4-8pm
Open Studio for Wendy Book Club

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