Karrabing Film Collective, Windjarrameru, the Stealing C*nt$, video still.
Karrabing Film Collective, Windjarrameru, the Stealing C*nt$, video still.

Windjarrameru (The Stealing C*nt$) by the Karrabing Film Collective

March 14, 2016 to March 20, 2016

As part of Further Than I Can Throw A Stone, Plug In ICA is pleased to present The Karrabing Film Collective’s short video Windjarrameru, the Stealing C*nt$.

The Karrabing Film Collective is an indigenous group based in Darwin. They use video to chronicle their present political situation, documenting and performing both biographical and fictional scenarios to play out a rich history that has been cornered, belittled and suppressed. They do this with optimism under a positive moniker that translates to the ‘tide being out’, which for them means that hidden paths are now revealed. Windjarrameru, the Stealing C*nt$ is a story written, directed and acted by members of the collective who tell a complicated story of lands that are inhabited by the spirits of their ancestors and have now been poisoned from industrial mining. People can no longer access the land to communicate with their ancestors and those who trespass the barriers are arrested. It is an odd story that carries its tragic humour, showing a community living and working together on the edge of a major city.

The Karrabing Collective is an Australian indigenous collective whose socially engaged practice utilizes film and installation as a way to examine the complexities of hanging onto cultural traditions in contemporary life. They describe their medium as a form of refusal to relinquish their country and a means of investigating contemporary social conditions of inequality. Their films, Karrabing: Low Tide Turning, When the Dogs Talked, and Windjarrameru, the Stealing C*nt$, have been shown at the Melbourne International Film Festival; Berlinale 62 Shorts Competition, Berlin; documenta 13, Kassel; the Remain Modern, Saskatoon; and the Wexner Center For the Arts, Ohio.

Windjarrameru, the Stealing C*nt$ by The Karrabing Film Collective is one of ten art videos and short films presented as part of Further Than I Can Throw A Stone. Over the duration of the exhibition, a selection of works by a diverse and international group of artist is presented sequentially as stand alone artworks, each projected for one week at a time. They are joined through medium and an interplay of performance and biography.

On Tuesday, March 22nd, Plug In ICA will launch MacGuffin 8-2975 by John Knight.

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