Winnipeg Community Portrait Sessions with Leonard Suryajaya

February 16 + 18-20, 2022

100 Arthur St. Unit #300

You’re invited to participate in a portrait session with visiting artist Leonard Suryajaya!

Leonard Suryajaya is a Chicago based, Chinese-Indonesian artist/photographer, who has an upcoming solo exhibition this spring here in Winnipeg at Plug In ICA. This will be his first exhibition in Canada. As a way to connect with and reflect the communities here in the city, in his upcoming exhibition Leonard is seeking participants for a photoshoot. The photos from the shoot will be used as a collage that will be featured as part of the exhibit. To learn more about Leonard, visit his website + see the document attached to this email.

Leonard describes his intentions for the exhibition as:

“The photos will be exhibited in a kaleidoscopic installation of a camouflaged newsstand. A newsstand, a temporal and ubiquitous space commonly appearing at airport terminals, holds a through line in these community narratives. A place for last minute gifts and needs on my way to see family, it is also a place that initiates the parting reality of leaving home. Realizing the limitation of the lens based medium, I work with installation to help me further skew and test the viewer’s ability to adapt to a new setting. Along with the explosion of color, patterns, photographs, and videos, in this bizarre setting, the viewers are invited to find a sense of familiarity in the photographs of the ‘other’, the foreigners. The newsstand is a physical embodiment of our newsfeed, where we go to connect, learn, and challenge.”

In exchange for your time and the use of your image in the collage, Leonard will provide you with a high resolution digital file that you may use for your personal or professional use (e.g. as a headshot).

The portrait sessions will take place at the Video Pool’s Output studio, located at 100 Arthur street, Unit #300, from February 16+ 18-20, 2022. If you are interested in participating, please schedule an appointment through this link.

Due to limited capacity, the portrait sessions will be first come, first serve. If you don’t see availability in Calendly, please reply to this email and we will add your name to our waiting list.

We hope to see you there!

All the best,

Plug In ICA & Leonard Suryajaya

Covid 19 Protocols

To attend, all guests must present proof of vaccination, wear masks, and observe social distancing guidelines. Guests may remove their masks only while having their portraits taken. The portrait sessions will be spread out over 4 days to reduce the number of people in the studio. Each portrait session will be around 15 minutes long and there will be breaks between appointments to ensure there is no interaction between subjects who booked separate appointments. There will be no props or objects used in the sessions. If a chair or stool is used, it will be sanitized between sessions. A HEPA filter air purifier will be in the studio space to reduce any airborne contaminants.