Video: Interpreting [Interrupting] Youth: Angie Keefer | FIRST CLASS, SECOND THOUGHTS, INTERMINABLE SWELL & Fred Sandback | A Sampling Of Works

On Wednesday, March 22nd, Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art presented this interpretive video, and panel with the participants of Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art’s inaugural Interpreting [Interrupting] Youth program.

For this screening Birehanu Bishaw, Vic tor, Brandon McPherson and Tessa Stewart will present a short interpretive video produced by them in collaboration with Plug In ICA, Just TV and the Broadway Neighborhood center. The video is a visual reflection of the youth’s collective and individual experience of the two exhibitions on display at Plug In ICA: Angie Keefer’s FIRST CLASS, SECOND THOUGHTS, INTERMINABLE SWELL and Fred Sandback’s Sampling of Works, as well as aspects of Plug In ICA’s permanent collection and architectural space.

Interpreting [Interrupting] Youth is designed for youth ages 16 to 24. The program reverses a pre-existing interpretive model used within arts institutions who often produce short videos as educational devices. These videos often include interviews with artists or curators, images of artworks and installation shots; they often reference artists’ biographies, previous artworks, and at times, glimpse into artists’ studios. These videos are usually presented online or within the gallery or museum in close proximity to the artworks, and tend to place an emphasis on the artist’s and institution’s intention over the experience of the viewer.

The “Interpreting [Interrupting] Youth” program inversely begins with the youth’s experience of the artwork, challenging conventional models of art interpretation by overturning basic roles of authority and authorship.

Next session begins April 8th, 2017. For more information about this and other education programs, please contact Sarah Nesbitt at For general information please contact: or call 1.204.942.1043.