Permanent Artworks

Dan Graham

Performance Café with Perforated Sides (2010);
Steel, mirror and glass.

This signature artwork by one of the world’s most renowned artists Dan Graham was created as a permanent installation specifically for Plug In ICA’s roof terrace located on the third floor of the Buhler Centre. This site-specific artwork builds on a legacy of pavilions produced by Graham over thirty years. His Winnipeg pavilion was co-commissioned with the support of the City of Toronto and most generously by Michael F.B. Nesbitt.

Jimmie Durham

Pole to mark the centre of the world (at Winnipeg) (2010);
Galvanized steel, stainless steel, brass, mirror.

Jimmie Durham is a long-standing artist whose voice has carried significant artistic and political influence. He was commissioned by Plug In ICA to produce a permanent sculpture, for which he marked the centre of the world in Winnipeg with a pole made from plumbing fixtures. This powerful work sits across from the Institute’s entrance and is part of a series of sculptures by Durham that arbitrarily demarcate numerous universal centres across the globe.

Louise Witthöft and Rodney LaTourelle

Untitled (2010), site-specific colour installation.

Specialists in public art, Louise Witthöft and Rodney LaTourelle, apply colour and light to built spaces. Throughout the hallways of the Buhler Centre, over three floors the artists painted varying shades of red, blue and turquoise green. The fluctuating intensity of the colours enhances a dynamic flow to the building’s unique architecture. This work was commissioned by Plug In ICA in collaboration with the building’s architects: DPA+PSA+DIN Collective.