Video: Hannah Black, Lecture (LOL)

Plug In ICA presented an artist talk by Hannah Black on Tuesday, December 17th at 7pm. Black is an unrestricted thinker and engaged speaker. Her talk functioned as the keynote address to close Labour of Love: On Digital Economies in the Arts (LOL), a series of lectures, screenings, and workshops. We  bracketed the event series with Black’s work, opening LOL with a screening of her videos, and closing the series by hosting her in person.

Black is a prominent artist, writer and critic, whose influence is far-reaching. She works across text, installation, performance, and video, and is an indelible critic who recently co-wrote, “The Tear Gas Biennial,” published in Artforum earlier this year. Within a feminist framework that joins biography, pop culture, science and technology, Black’s work parses out an intimate view of the artist while also challenging human-centred philosophy. Her work as as a writer and artist jostles the sphere of relationships between technology, and the mechanics of daily life into the personal.

Labour of Love or LOL took the “public course” as a platform for engagement, a program highlighting the various ways in which the digital is interrogated, explored, celebrated, pushed to its limit, reworked, re-invented by artists, scholars, curators, writers and others. LOL encompassed a full array of events, delving into such topics as coding, circuit bending, VR, AI and AR, gaming, scanning, and 3D printing. Divided into two streams, a lecture and screening series, and workshops, Labour of Love at its most general examined the relationship between the economics of labour and the digital arts as it contends with the conditions of racial capitalism. As a research platform, we aimed to build an understanding of the digital by presenting artists who invent new trajectories through various technologies.

All lectures and screenings are free and open to the public.

Associated Programming:

Labour of Love: On Digital Economies in the Arts

This program was made possible through the Digital Strategy Fund: Digital and Intelligence by the Canada Council for the Arts.