Current exhibitions

Dan Graham: Performance Café with Perforated Sides

September 27, 2013 to December 31, 2016
Curated by Anthony Kiendl
December 31, 2016

Plug In ICA is pleased to present a new commisioned public artwork by renowned American artist Dan Graham. The installation, Performance Cafe with Perforated Sides (2010) was created specifically for Plug In ICA’s roof terrace, an outdoor program space being inaugurated with this event.

Sensing the Future: Moholy-Nagy, Media and the Arts

March 8, 2014 to May 11, 2014
Curated by Oliver A. I. Botar
May 12, 2014

Life in the digital economy of images and information can enrich us but can also induce a sense of being overwhelmed and of losing control.

Recent exhibitions


December 7, 2013 to February 8, 2014
Co-presented with Video Pool Media Arts Centre and Incubator Lab, The University of Windsor and curated by Drs. Melentie Pandilovski and Jennifer Willet

TOXICITY 2013 is the inaugural exhibition, conference and workshop of a series of international exhibitions and conferences surrounding the notion of toxicities in the contemporary world. This...

Mélanie Rocan: Souvenir involontaire

September 28, 2013 to November 10, 2013
Organized by the Doris McCarthy Gallery in partnership with the Kenderdine Art Gallery and Plug In ICA

The visual world Mélanie Rocan creates with her paintings is a blended swirl of emotions and objects. Her art historical genealogy traverses many eras, from Surrealism to Expressionism, but...

Roy Ascott: The Analogues

July 5, 2013 to September 27, 2013
Curated by Anthony Kiendl and co-presented with Video Pool Media Arts Centre

Roy Ascott: The Analogues explores a small but crucial body of work by English inter-media artist and theorist Roy Ascott, and takes place in the context of Plug In ICA’s...

(Da bao)(Takeout)

April 6, 2013 to June 2, 2013
Curated by Shannon Anderson and Doug Lewis with assistance from Selena Yang and organized and circulated by the Varley Art Gallery of Markham.

Plug In ICA presents (Da bao)(Takeout), an exhibition attempting to locate a cross-cultural and social dynamic between China and the West, specifi...