Rosalie Favell, Search for Life Beyond Our Universe
Rosalie Favell, Search for Life Beyond Our Universe

Rosalie Favell | Search for Life Beyond Our Universe

Manitoba Museum’s Planetarium, 190 Rupert Avenue

As part of Close Encounters: The Next 500 Years, Rosalie Favell’s film Search for Life Beyond Our Universe will be shown at the Manitoba Planetarium, every Monday at 12:15 p.m. during January, February and early March.

January 31, 2011 – 12:15pm to 12:30pm
February 7, 2011 -12:15pm to 12:30pm
February 14, 2011 -12:15pm to 12:30pm
February 21, 2011 -12:15pm to 12:30pm
February 28, 2011 -12:15pm to 12:30pm

Rosalie Favell was born and raised in Winnipeg, MB. Much of her work draws upon both her family history and Métis (Cree/English) heritage that goes back many generations in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. She uses many sources to present a complex self-portrait of her experiences as a contemporary Aboriginal woman. In addition to scouring her family albums for visual material, she finds inspiration in popular culture and has incorporated a number of warrior women from television series and movies into her works. Her recent work undertakes a spiritual quest, drawing upon a number of religions and beliefs. In 1998, she earned an MFA from the University of New Mexico, in Albuquerque.

This event is free and all are welcome.

Virtual exhibition/publication is available here. 

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