Session I:   Trackings and Trappings
Anju Singh, Justine A. Chambers, and Natalie Purschwitz

July 8 – 19

Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art will host two iterations of the Summer Institute and is now accepting applications for our 2019 Summer Institutes. The Summer Institute is an international post-graduate artist research program for professional artists and thinkers working in all disciplines and media. The first session of the institute, Trackings and Trappings, will be led by faculty members: sound artist; Anju Singh, dance artist; Justine A. Chambers, and visual artist and designer; Natalie Purschwitz. For more information on Session II, please refer to:

The first session, working with the three leads, under the heading Trackings and Trappings, will explore expanded notions of mapping, encouraging participants to investigate their own practice through the trappings of normalized systems of belief. Participants are invited to reorient their gaze, sensation and attention to gain understanding of how hard-wired ideological structures influence how we chart our trajectories through the experienced world. The first session will run from July 8th to July 19th.

Justine A. Chambers is a dance artist who privileges what is felt over what is seen. Chambers’ interests are in re-imagining dance performance and activating the dances that are already there – the social choreographies present in the everyday.

Natalie PurschwitzThrough her visual art practice she considers how materials connect with ideological production and quotidian experiences. Her research lies at the intersection of anthropology, mythology, materiality and form.

Anju Singh is a sound artist living and working in Vancouver, BC who uses instruments, objects, and equipment to create pieces and environments that intend to challenge, confuse, or revisit traditional sounds and music in new contexts.


Application period closed

Our Summer Institute in 2019 were generously supported by the RBC Foundation and Johnston Group.

Session II:   Indigenous Architectures 
Joar Nango

August 6 – 16, 2019

Foregrounding Indigenous approaches to design and alternative models of social space, Nango will lead participants through a series of texts, discussions, guest lectures, workshops, and studio time for the first week, engaging local, Winnipeg-based, Indigenous architects and thinkers. Participants will be encouraged to produce individually, with the possibility to work with Nango on a new piece by the Winnipeg Rivers, generating a reciprocal engagement to producing work in the second week. The seminar and workshop is open to visual artists of all kinds as well as writers, critics and scholars.

summer_institute_application_form_Indigenious Architectures

Application period closed

Our Summer Institute in 2019 were generously supported by the RBC Foundation and Johnston Group.

A number of other visiting artists, curators and theorists will visit the Summer Institute for additional lectures, discussions, and studio visits still to be determined. Plug In ICA invites applications for participants who will work collaboratively in a peer-to-peer environment based upon their own interests and projects, as well as by exploring and aligning their work with collaborative or group activities which will be planned during the session.  This critical discursive opportunity will take place in Plug In ICA’s purpose built facilities, with an adjoining workshop, art research library, gallery, bookshop and café. Plug In ICA is located at the heart of downtown Winnipeg and adjacent to the Winnipeg Art Gallery within walking distance to various amenities for new visitors to the city.

There is no application fee for this program and everyone is welcome to apply. The standard tuition fee of $300.00 CDN has been generously covered by Winnipeg’s Johnston Group. All other costs associated with participating in this program must be borne by the artist: meals, accommodation, travel, travel insurance, materials and related production costs. Participants must also be Plug In ICA members in good standing, for an additional fee of $35 CDN (artist members). Applicants will be notified of their acceptance by the end of April 2019.