Winter 2015

Yesterday Was Once Tomorrow (or, A Brick is a Tool), curated by Kegan McFadden, was an exhibition of Canadian art magazines, focusing on publications that were both established and terminated in the 1990s. The exhibition presented an archive of these magazines showing original copies as well as graphic reproductions that line three of Plug In ICA’s walls and includes a selection of artwork gathered from public and private collections formerly featured in the magazines. In conjunction with this exhibition, and with the goal of printing physical publications to the forefront,  Plug In ICA invited local artist Stephanie Poruchnyk-Butler to lead a zine-making workshop. Each student producede a one page folded zine, using collage techniques.

Stephanie Poruchnyk-Butler is the founding member of Sappho Zine Collective. Named after the first published female, Sappho Zine is a non-profit collective based in Winnipeg. Sappho Collective strives to inspire and empower the individual through the collaborative art of zine making. They hope to encourage the building of strong community through creativity, expression, and independent literature.

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Winter 2015 Teachers Guide: Yesterday Was Once Tomorrow