Winter 2014

Sensing the Future: Moholy-Nagy, Media and the Arts, curated by Dr. Oliver Botar, highlighted the influence of Hungarian artist and Bauhaus professor László Moholy-Nagy’s (1895-1946) body of work on contemporary art practice. In Moholy-Nagy’s view, emphasizing the utility of sensory education would allow us to successfully adapt to and thrive in an increasingly technologized environment. While developments in art and culture are often assumed to be the by-product of developments in science and technology, the exhibition sought to demonstrate how developments in art and culture often run parallel with, or even lead technological development and its application in society. This is an especially important subject to address in the 21st century given the increasing rate of technological change, more intense today than it was throughout Moholy-Nagy’s hey-day in the 1920s.  As part of the art workshop at Studio 393 organized in conjunction with the tour of the exhibition, students worked together to make a collaborative art video project aimed at activating all of the senses for both the viewer and the artist while exploring the themes of the future, technology and Utopia.

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Teacher Guide – Moholy-Nagy Exhibition